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Area of Expertise

Offshore Oil & Gas
Offshore Oil & Gas

The Company’s capabilities and expertise cover all areas of Offshore Platforms and Floating Production Systems


Deep Water

·         Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSOs), Floating Storage Offloading (FSOs)

·         Processing facilities on Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs)

·         Processing facilities on Semi-Submersible platforms

·         Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU)

Shallow Water

·         Field Development

·         Fixed Platforms (Process & Well-head)

·         Living Quarters

·         Offshore Structures

·         Pipeline Risers

·         Cathodic Protection

·         Facilities such as Flare Tripods, Bridges etc.

·         Marine facilities like Jetty’s, SBM, Export/Import facilities

Other Offshore Facilities

·         Revamps & Modifications

·         Skid Mounted Units

·         Submarine Pipelines

·         Sub-sea Production Systems